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Calibration Laboratory

EMC Compliance measurement and qualification testing require traceability proof for the performance of equipment involved in the Test & Measurement. Inorder to assure their customers of quality testing/measurement many EMC test labs go for accreditation of their test facilities. In India NABL is the government agency that gives accreditation for these facilities as per ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Traceability of the measurements to national/international reference standards is one of primary requirements for maintaining the NABL accreditation. Due to non availability of accredited calibration facility in India for EMC equipments many test labs send their equipment to International calibration labs. Cost, Time, Calibration Interval and Delay in service etc., are involved in Calibrating EMC Equipments at International Laboratories. Realising the need to establish a National Level EMC calibration Lab in the country to overcome these difficulties, SAMEER-CEM has established a calibration lab at their premises. Calibration laboratory of EMC division, SAMEER-CEM is also accredited by NABL as per ISO/IEC 17025 to offer calibration service traceable to national and international standards. With more and more EMC test labs coming in India SAMEER accredited calibration services will be of great use to EMC labs in India. 

SAMEER CAL Lab is capable of calibrating various EMI/EMC test equipments and accessories like EMI Test Receiver, Semi anechoic chamber(16 point field uniformity, shielding effectiveness,sVSWR and normalized site attenuation), ESD Gun, Conducted Susceptibility test generators(EFT, High energy/telecom surge, Voltage dips/interruption system,Ring wave, Damped oscillatory wave, Automotive transient generators, CRF test systems, RF Power Amplifiers, Preamplifiers ,Antennae, LISN, CDNs, ISN, Attenuators, Directional Coupler,BCI probes, etc. SAMEER calibration lab is also accredited for carrying out on site calibration services for  Semi anechoic chamber as well as CS test systems. 

At present there is no Primary EMC laboratory in the Country on par with M/s. NIST, USA and M/s. NPL, UK to meet the mandatory requirements like Calibration, Traceability & Measurement Uncertainty of EMI/EMC Equipments and its Accessories. It is also planned to establish metrology grade EMI/EMC laboratories at SAMEER-CEM to fill this gap area. The proposed facility will engage in basic R&D in EMI/EMC measurements that will enhance the confidence/repeatability of EMI/EMC measurements with reduced uncertainties in the country.